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animeharem's Journal

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who is your harem!
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these are the three things you all must abide by for my sanity ^^;;

1.) do not post your claims on lj comments. also do not edit your entries to add more claims...remember you can always trade and stuff. make sure you pay attention to other people's posts to make sure that you havent requested something before them.

2.) if you want to make your own pictures for the page they must be 100x100 pixels or less and you must post the pictures at the time you post your claims.

3.) please do not post more than 5 claims a day. if you post more i'll just take the top 5 you post.

this idea was started from the harem game at eternal anime. their website is at


hihi! this is a community for those of you who want a harem!! what is a harem you ask? well you chose anime characters to be in your harem and you own them! however you can only have characters not claimed but you can trade characters in your harem at any time with anybody else. you also may have as many people in the harem as you want but please dont be selfish!

if you want anime/manga/game/jrock/jpop/kpop characters in your harem, look at the website and see if they are claimed. if they arent just put a post on the journal of who is in your harem and i will put it up right away!

its really a first come first serve basis so if you know some of your fave characters are popular, you might wanna get to them first! also be kind to those in your harem or they may not like you!

this is a developing community so things may change from time to time but i will try and keep it consistent.

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